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today is a good day to have a good day 🍰🎉 #BMCbanter

TODAY IS A GOOD DAY TO HAVE A GOOD DAY // I’m the kind of person who writes down her whole life in her planner (I just got a new Lilly Pulitzer large agenda day planner orange grove monkeys 2014-15 and I adore it!!), from my homework to appointments to blog post ideas. I have countdowns and am always looking forward to the future, which is great, but on the other hand, waiting and waiting can sometimes make me bored of present life.

I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music. -Billy Joel

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GOODBYE BEIJING // I’m writing this on a plane right now, but when you see this, I’ll have landed in Pennsylvania. Hello Pennsylvania, goodbye Beijing!

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WHAT MAKES YOU SMILE? // macarons, lazy afternoons with friends, getting along with family, when people start conversations with me, when i’m able to hold the conversation, when i successfully tell a story, people laughing with me at my jokes, laughing until my non-existent abs hurt, the feeling AFTER exercising, independence, knowing how things work, cafes, tumblers, mugs, smart casual outfits, giving into my feels, singing when nobody’s paying attention, musty pages, little things


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FRIDAY FAVORITES 01 // Cafe Waiting Love, internet etiquette, floral drinks, life lessons from summer days, DIY bookmarks


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BRYN MAWR COLLEGE, A LETTER FOR THE NEXT FOUR YEARS // As John Green so greatly puts it, “Every year, many, many stupid people graduate from college. And if they can do it, so can you.”

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THE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT // But just to keep you on the edge of your seat, I’ll start with a little update, because, oh gosh, my life is soooooooo interesting!! Yesterday was fun, because while my brothers were at school, Mom had a shopping withdrawal and I was nearby. How could I stand idly by in her time of need?


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The Last Exit to Normal by Michael Harmon


Ever since his dad announced that he was gay, Ben’s life became anything but normal. His mom leaves, and he is stuck with his dad and momdad, AKA his dad’s boyfriend Edward. Ben is mad and does everything he can to get into trouble, but finally his dad has enough and ships the whole family away from the city’s “pervasive atmosphere of negative influence” to Edward’s hometown, Rough Butte, Montana, a “small-town-in-the-middle-of-nowhere,” the last exit to normal. Will Ben make it through?

Because this YA fiction novel has a LGBT theme, I thought that it would be more existential, but it was actually quite plot-driven. The problem for me is that there wasn’t enough “show don’t tell,” which at first, I thought was just the observational habit of a troubled seventeen-year old boy, the narrator. In my opinion, many of Ben’s conflicts, such as the ones with his dad, were cliche. I wasn’t feeling connected to what was happening, got bored, and considered putting the book down a few times, but somewhere towards the last half of the novel, things started happening, and it got a little more interesting. This book with its straightforward descriptions may be better enjoyed by middle school audiences.

Rating: ★★★✩✩ // Goodreads

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Mollie Used Books


Mollie Used Books is a secondhand bookstore in Taiwan. There are multiple stores, but I went to the one in Taipei. In this store, there are only three bookcases dedicated to English books—all the other ones are filled with books written in traditional Chinese—but that didn’t stop me from spending 831NT (that was how much I paid after the discount) on eight books. I also got a VIP card (I think it’s just a membership card, but it says VIP on it, so I’m gonna call it a VIP card to make myself feel special) for free, because I spent 500NT+. Also, something I thought would never happen to me ever happened: I found a handwritten letter from 1961 stuck in between the pages of a book.

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Are you as good a person as you want to be?


Before we get started, lemme just get something off my chest: Sorry for being less active than usual in the blogosphere! Usually I try my best to interact through blog comments, but lately I’ve been putting it off or not commenting at all (right now I’m catching up with 200+ via Bloglovin’). It’s been a busy, busy week of 1) getting new information about things I need to do before I arrive on campus for college, including a bunch of ridiculous forms I can’t make sense of, and 2) Tumblr blocking Bloglovin’ and me trying to figure out what to do about it. I’m 80% sure about what my next step will be, but I’ll hold off making the big announcement until I’m 100% sure and have already begun implementing the steps so that I can establish some sense of organization. All of this ten days before I’m headed over to Pennsylvania, AGHH!!!

*random reflection* I’ve been feeling very uninspired, which I attributed to the building stress at first, but now I realize it’s probably mostly because I’ve been shutting myself out of the blogosphere, thinking that I needed to dedicate all my time to prepping for college and struggling by myself to figure out what the heck to do about my blog now that Tumblr has blocked Bloglovin’. What I forgot was that though some bloggers have a kind of celebrity status, they probably don’t view themselves that way, and all of us just want to share a piece of our lives, which means that though some posts seem to just be about the lux life we’ll never have and are just read for entertainment, many posts offer helpful tips and life lessons that we can connect with in our every day lives. SO YEAH. Even though it’s harder for me to view blogs and leave comments now that I’m in Beijing—thanks to the Great Firewall of China—I will make it a goal to stop skimping out on blog post reading, even if I can’t necessarily always leave comments.

Okay now back to the question…

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Anti Cafe, Paris - Workspace with friends or alone









At Anti Café, you pay for the time instead of what you eat or drink — 4 euros for the first hour and 2 euros afterwards (4 euros after 17h). This is perfect for those who are looking for a cafe to do group work or discussion with your friends or concentrate yourself to get work done. The spaces are divided respectively. Parisians seem to call this kind of place “coworking space.” This new concept is starting to attract people in need of such space. Whatever your purpose of visit may be at Anti Café, coffee, drinks, cookies, and snacks are unlimited, as well as fast wifi, printer, scanner, and even board games. You are also allowed to bring in outside snacks and drinks if you wish. The study space was more quiet and spacious than I expected, the coffee and homemade lemonade were above average, and snacks were definitely unlimited. If you don’t want to work at Starbucks anymore and want to stay at one place for a long time, this place will be a great option. Anti Café also has offers such as 1 day for 14 euros or 1 month for 200 euros. Check out their website to take advantage of the free 30 minutes offer.

Anti Café
79 Rue Quincampaix (near Centre Pompidou)
Open Everyday


This morning, my Tumblr BFF messaged me and said that she was catching up with my blog as nothing had showed up on my Bloglovin’ feed for a week. I checked, and it was true; my feed hasn’t been updated though I have been posting every weekday. I worried that I needed to do something along the lines of reconfiguring my account, and just as I was about to turn to my Tumblr lifestyle blogging peers to ask for help, I received an email from Bloglovin’:


Last Friday Tumblr blocked access for Bloglovin to read posts from all Tumblr blogs.

This means that your followers won’t be able to read your blog on Bloglovin and you’ll stop getting traffic from us.
Please help us by retweeting this message and urging Tumblr to unblock Bloglovin.

Tumblr has blocked all of their blogs from @Bloglovin Please tweet @tumblr @davidkarp @marissamayer

Tumblr support:

David Karp, Founder/CEO of Tumblr:

Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo:

Best Regards

Mattias Swenson

Co-founder of

I do not get very many emails from Bloglovin’, only weekly updates on blog activity (likes, new followers, total followers). I was a little skeptical of this email, but it perfectly explained why my Bloglovin’ feed hasn’t been updated in a week, so I trust this link and have retweeted it myself.

I think especially for Tumblr lifestyle bloggers, Bloglovin’ is a great way to generate traffic. Tumblr has sometimes been criticized for being called a blogging platform, because many users simply reblog content instead of creating their own, and so is sometimes referred to as micro-blogging. Because of this, Tumblr lifestyle blogs are not as easily appreciated amongst typical Tumblr micro-bloggers, in my personal opinion.

Without Bloglovin’, the only people who will be able to keep up to date with the newest posts will be Tumblr followers or people who have subscribed via email, but personally I haven’t been promoting the latter—in light of recent events, if you would like to subscribe to my blog via email for updates, check the second box in the right sidebar under “Connect” and enter your email address where specified. Otherwise, updates may be received through other means of social media, though it is to the blogger’s discretion to decide which platforms to promote his/her blog with. My personal links are:

Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Goodreads | VSCO | Twitter | Bloglovin’

Without Bloglovin’, Tumblr lifestyle bloggers may lose a huge portion of their audience, but the blogosphere is not just about generating traffic—it’s about building a community where like-minded people can share their thoughts and inspiration, and/or where people with different insights can enrich our perspectives with their own.

Please help bring Bloglovin’ back to Tumblr by sharing this link via Tumblr and/or clicking this link to reweet and spread the word. Thank you so much! Your contribution to the lifestyle blogging community is greatly appreciated.

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Currently reading: The Last Exit to Normal by Michael Harmon

There are a few things I’ve done that I’m proud of, but there are many more things I’ve done that I’m not. (I’m not a terrible person or anything, but everyone is their own worst critic.) Next week’s Monday Musing will be “Are you as good a person as you want to be?” so give that a thought.

My rule of thumb: Remember back in elementary school, or even middle school, you’d look up to high school students and think, one day I want to be just like them, learning things, having fun, being independent, doing something with my life. Imagine mini-you time traveling to present-you. Before you do anything, ask yourself if you’re acting in a way mini-you would be proud of becoming.

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Junie & shopping haul


My best friends, Sheena, Anny, Courtney, and Jolie, have a long running tradition we call Junie, named so because the first time we celebrated [surviving another school year] was June first, which in Chinglish is June 一 (yī), which we combined into Junie. The celebrations consist of eating and shopping and not much else, but what else do you need besides good company?

Unfortunately, this time around, there were only three of us left in Beijing to celebrate, Sheena, Courtney, and me, so this post is dedicated to our dearest Anny and Jolie: I hope you guys are jealous we got to hang out in Beijing. This is what you get for leaving us so early :’( Just kidding (kinda), we miss you a bunch!

*I’ve actually documented two of our many Junie trips on this blog. Even though we don’t always celebrate on June 1st, we still call it Junie. The earliest trip documented was at The Village, and the latest trip documented was at Indigo Mall. I hope you notice that my photography has much improved since those two trips haha. Such progress!*

Fun fact: This get-together was completely organized through writing on each other’s walls on Bakery Story. Add me @auderoylin for daily tips and gifts! Send cappuccinos!

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What is something you’ve done recently that makes you proud?


Monday Musings 4 // “I may be mistaken. (Pause.) Let’s stop talking for a minute, do you mind?” In IB HL Literature, we learned about qualifying language, especially in Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett. Vladimir and Estragon give numerous statements only to subsequently nullify them, often after a pause. The uncertainty of these two characters is comedic. I mean, if you were in that situation, you would most definitely reply, “No, I’m sure we were here yesterday!”

However, let’s put you in a modern-day situation. You’ve been working your butt off all winter break to get that summer bod. You’re toned, glowing, and most importantly, happy! You’re stunning, you know it, and you want to share it with the world. But exactly how confident are you “allowed” to be? (I’m awesome! ↔ I’m good. ↔ I guess I’m alright…) Today, I want you to think of something you’ve done recently that makes you proud, and own up to it, all of it! Don’t sell yourself short.

Believe in yourself and all that you are. —Christian D. Larson

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